Virtual Interactive Tour of Bayview Tower in Seattle, WA

Explore a highly-efficient commercial heat pump water heating system 

This Virtual Interactive Tour highlights the design and operation of a commercial heat pump water heating (CHPWH) system in the Bayview Tower in Seattle, WA. This system is part of a new demonstration project of a Mitsubishi system at the Seattle Housing Authority’s (SHA) 100-unit multi-family building. The one-year field study is assessing opportunities to reduce water heating energy and provide demand flexibility to better balance peak demand times on the electricity grid.  

Explore the building, the system, and the schematics through interactive elements including video demonstrations, detailed photos and drawings, and infographics. This resource was created by D+R LEARN with funding from Seattle City Light, in collaboration with Ecotope and the Advanced Water Heating Initiative (AWHI). Click on the menu items above to get started. 

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